When current passes through them, these units heat up, dissipating energy.

To attenuate signals or equalize frequencies, resistors are combined with inductors and capacitors, forming "cells".

Ceramic-cased resistors are the most widespread.

We suggest audiophiles use NON-INDUCTIVE resistors: these are in fact two resistors wound in opposite directions one above the other, giving incredible sound effects.

For particularly demanding applications, we use resistors with aluminium heat sinks or large tubular ceramic models.





RES - 5% Audio resistors

 Ceramic   Met.Oxide Alu-caseAlu-caseNon-Inductive
  5W 10W 20W 6W 50W 100W 12W 25W 50W
  10x9.5x22 10x10x49 15x14x60 Ø8.5x25 50x17/30 60X22,5 Ø8.5x53 Ø8.5x62 50x17/30
0,17 0,30 0,49 0,19 2,01 2,82 0,62 1,41 2,20
 0.33   R10R33              
 0.39  R5R39                
 0.47       R6R47          
 0.56 R5R56                
 1.0 R51R R101R R201R  R61R  R501R R1001R R121R R251R R511R
 1.2 R51R2   R201R2            
 1.5 R51R5 R101R5 R201R5  R61R5   R1001R5 R121R5 R251R5 R511R5
 1.8 R51R8   R201R8            
 2.2 R52R2 R102R2 R202R2 R62R2 R502R2  R1002R2 R122R2 R252R2 R512R2
 2.7 R52R7 R102R7 R202R7   R502R7  R1002R7     R512R7
 3.3 R53R3 R103R3 R203R3 R63R3 R503R3  R1003R3 R123R3 R253R3 R513R3
 3.9 R53R9  R103R9 R203R9            
 4.7 R54R7 R104R7 R204R7 R64R7 R504R7  R1004R7 R124R7 R254R7 R514R7
5.6 R55R6 R105R6 R205R6 R65R6  R505R6  R1005R6 R125R6 R255R6  
 6.8 R56R8 R106R8 R206R8 R66R8 R506R8 R1006R8 R126R8 R256R8 R516R8
8.2 R58R2 R108R2 R208R2 R68R2 R508R2  R1008R2 R128R2 R258R2 R518R2
10 R510R R1010R R2010R R610R R5010R  R10010R R1210R R2510R R5110R
12 R512R  R1012R R2012R    R5012R        
15 R515R R1015R R2015R R615R R5015R  R10015R R1215R R2515R R5115R
18  R518R  R1018R R2018R            
22 R522R R1022R R2022R            
27 R527R R1027R R2027R   R5027R  R10027R     R5127R
33   R1033R R2033R       R1233R    
39   R1039R R2039R            
47   R1047R R2047R   R5047R        
82     R2082R            

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